Let AI Instantly Tame, Label, and Search Your Documents

Realize the full potential of your unstructured data with the world's most advanced vector database.



Unstructured data, tamed

  • Looking to make sense of large unstructured collections of contracts, customer feedback, CVs, emails or patents?
  • Struggling to understand document structure and automatically label document sections?
  • Want a powerful search by semantic concepts, tags, concrete parties, dates and entities?
  • Had it with AI hype, shoddy engineering and lacklustere support?
  • Need a robust, on-premises solution for that extra security and performance?

Businesses keep valuable data in unstructured form and various formats: contracts, financial reports, customer feedback, resumes, patents…

ScaleText is an enterprise search solution that enables you to organize and filter through undervalued document collections, adapting to your data intelligently and instantly.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, ScaleText manages document collections no matter the document format, volume or query style. Search by automatically extracted tags, entities and semantic themes, rather than having to rely on low-recall keywords and costly manual labelling.

From the makers of Gensim. Why reinvent the wheel and develop costly in-house solutions when you can join forces with a team of world-class experts?


Index and analyze documents across formats.


Answer detailed queries based on latent similarity and metadata.


Enable analytics grounded in insights from unstructured data.


Who is ScaleText for?

Organizations and businesses

Utilize knowledge implicit in your data

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  • Search for similar content accurately, using adaptive themes and entities
  • Achieve a comprehensive overview of the salient trends in your company's content
  • Avoid manual tagging errors and reduce annotation costs
  • Base your analytics on accurate data-driven insights
  • Use AI models that adapt to your data, securely and at scale

Business intelligence tools

Gain competitive edge

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  • Delight clients with integrated cutting edge text mining capabilities
  • Create reports based on accurate and comprehensive semantic queries
  • Leverage your technological advantage to win customers
  • Increase the value & efficiency of your discovery-related advisory
  • Avoid the R&D costs of building and maintaining a scalable semantic engine

Enjoy seeing all your data available for analysis, no matter the format or volume

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ScaleText Technology


Adaptive Vector Representations

Modern machine learning techniques represents content as multi-dimensional vectors. ScaleText comes with flexible domain-customized vector models out of the box, and then gradually adapts to your data.

Nuggets of Content

Documents may come in various formats and sizes, from short tweets to a 100-page scanned PDF report. ScaleText implements powerful domain-specific format convertors and segmentation algorithms, to split unstructured text into “nuggets” as meaningful semantic units and entities.

Industry-focused Applications

ScaleText’s flexible architecture supports domain-focused applications: from organizing company contracts, automated support routing, filtering job candidates, to enabling legal e-discover and financial report analysis.

Robust Index Management

ScaleText uses technologies patented with the USPTO to connect scalable vector search with robust database management. Its database capabilities include distributed indexing, index versioning, continuous model updates with zero downtime or transaction rollbacks.

On-premises With Stellar Support

ScaleText supports self-hosted on-premises deployment with custom integrations and enterprise support. Clients with less stringent data governance requirements will enjoy a hands-off managed version of ScaleText.

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"More than a decade of intensive R&D in Artificial Intelligence at RARE TECHNOLOGIES has shaped what is the most advanced tool for text discovery to date. We are excited to bring our technology to the market and help organizations tap into the value of their unstructured data."

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"RARE is great at sharpening up a problem definition, planning a realistic approach to solving it and then delivering an effective solution on a timeline. We were impressed by their experience and deep machine learning knowledge."

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Program Manager Advanced Analytics

"RARE Technologies created a fantastic tool for us at Autodesk for helping to extract quality insights from hard to analyse unstructured data."